This is just weird

Over Christmas I lost my debit card, I mentioned the other day about the fact that I had a payment refused.ย 

But I knew I lost it in the house and no payments had gone out, I knew it was just a matter of time before I found it, over the last few weeks I have searched my house inside out, turned the place upside down to find the damn thing.

Before I go on I am not religious or anything like that. What has this to do with my lost debit card? I have a tiny charm with a picture on it, its St Anthony, who is the patron saint of loss things. This charm lives in a jewellery box on the windowsill.

I also mentioned the other day that Gizmo had knocked some things off my windowsill

It appears that this charm had fallen out the jewellery box and I hadn’t noticed. The dog bought it down this morning. I placed it on the computer desk, half an hour later my debit card appeared. On the computer desk, which I had searched so many times and it didn’t appear under anything it was sat right where I couldn’t miss it.

I am thinking of sending the charm to the DWP to find my lost disability payments.

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5 Responses to This is just weird

  1. Ah! The power of “Tony, Tony Turn Around….”. It really does work, man. It’s wild. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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