*Reblog* And the winner is… *drum roll*

Winner has been announced. Not the one I voted for, but still a great one

Cyranny's Cove


If you’ve been around The Cove lately, you are aware that a constest was on. If you missed on it, and wonder what all this was about, you can learn more here.

I had planned to make a smashing post about the results. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling a bit under the weather, which is not much of a surprise, seen how everybody around me has been sick lately.

But I can’t postpone… And I am glad to announce that we have a grand winner!

Drum roll…


cyrannymapfreezingland (1)-page-001

With only three extra votes, the startled mooses won! I’d like to go knock on Suze’s door, and congratulate her accordingly, with a big flower bouquet and a whole camera crew, but unfortunately, I lack the budget and I have to go to work this afternoon.

I will though start to arrange to have the flags made and delivered, and I’ll…

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4 Responses to *Reblog* And the winner is… *drum roll*

  1. Donnalee says:

    The moose is cute, although worried-looking. I still do not know exactly why or where this flag will go, but am sure i will catch up on the other site, although I have read it and still do not know why or where from there either!

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