Questions I asked my child

Eric over at All in a Dad’s work  asks questions to his 2 kids and records the responses, much to a lot of people’s amusement.

He asked his kids these questions and I replied that monkey would answer all lego, his reply was, he might surprise you.

So I asked and here are the answers

1. How would you describe a perfect day for you?

Monkey: Going to legoland

2. If you could change anything in the world, what would you change?

Monkey: Toy stores would only have lego

3. What is your biggest dream?

Monkey: Me going to legoland and never coming home, it would be my new home

4. Where is your favorite place to be?

Monkey: Legoland

5. What makes you happy?

Monkey: Legoland

6. If you become a superhero what would you name yourself and what’s your power?

Monkey: I would have Laser Eyes and could fly and I would be called Laser Man

7. If your stuffie could talk, what would they say?

Monkey: He would say I love you to death

8. What is something that made you laugh today?

Monkey: My mum

9. What do you think you’ll dream about tonight?

Monkey: Me at Chessington instead of Legoland

10. What are some great things about nature?

Monkey: I love that spider have 8 legs and 8 eyes and thats quite call because it matches


So no I didn’t get surprised, apart from dreaming about going to Chessington, that was a bit of a surprise but he still managed to get Legoland mentioned.

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14 Responses to Questions I asked my child

  1. Cyranny says:

    Tell Monkey if I get to Legoland before him, I’ll have a room ready for him 😛

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  2. stomperdad says:

    He didn’t let you down. He mentioned Lego as many times as he could 🙂 Thanks for asking him!

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  3. Through a child’s eyes & heart, pure innocence, joy & goodness comes. Love this post. My son was crazy over legos when he was younger. LEGO land was the happiest place, not Disney. I miss those days now. When he turned 12, he shifted from toys to YouTube & PS4. Can’t believe he’s preteen.

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    • Monkey is very much into you tube videos and “makes his own” (which stay on my phone) he watches people build lego, so very much lego orinated still. I don’t want him to grow up, we have so much fun building together. Or rather I build something, he tells me why its is wrong and then rebuilds it

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