The Winter Olympics

This is the first time that my son has been able to watch the Winter Olympics with me, 2014 he was just about to turn 2 and so wasn’t interested. The plus side to this is I managed to get to watch it in relative silence, this year however, he wanted to watch it with me. Plus side to it being in Korea is I can record it and then fast forward when he gets bored, he really wants to see the Skeleton, which I don’t think will be shown till Wednesday. However we have managed to watch most of the sports.

First of all, I regret trying to explain why some Russian athletes are flying under the Olympic flag or why it was such a big deal for Korea to come out under one flag.

However he has had some classics, here are a few

Watching the snowboarding, “its good but he hasn’t amazed me.”

Snowboarder fell.
Monkey: “You tried Man, you tried real hard”

Mummy, mummy, that lady is from Hungary thats where auntie J is.Is Auntie J in the Olympics?

Is that Auntie J (I think it was a Russian he was pointing at)

Monkey that starts cheering for said woman, yelling go Auntie J, take her out.

We are watching the 500m speed skating

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6 Responses to The Winter Olympics

  1. stomperdad says:

    LOL I love watching the games with my 2 kids. My youngest (6) loves the luge and says he would do it. Never mind that they are doing 85 mph on a sled and he’s scared of waterslides. Love your Monkey’s quotes!

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  2. My wife and I bonded over the olympics when we first started dating. I can’t wait to watch them with kids later on.

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