Happy Valentines Day?

I have never celebrated it, it comes from having a boyfriend who’s birthday was on valentines day, but I think working in retail from an early age, screwed my views on a lot of holidays, I mean, I would cancel Christmas if I could.

The only thing I would allow if I ruled the Earth, would be to celebrate my birthday.

Other than that I would ban the lot, valentines day and Halloween would be the first to go, followed by mother’s day, fathers day, grandparents day all of that would be gone.

I have a thing that if someone wants to show they love me, they should do it all through the year not just because a company wants them to.

For example my partner isn’t exactly the most romantic of people, however he does show he loves me every day last 2 days he has come home from work and cooked dinner, sorted out my son and let me lie on the sofa complaining how he should of come home earlier to look after me.

Its those little things that tells me he loves me (and the fact after 7 years and the shit we have gone through that life has thrown at us he is still here.)

But I also respect that people enjoy it, if they want to go out for a romantic meal in a resturant and pay 20% over what would normally be charged then I am happy for them.

If you do celebrate it, I hope you had a lovely day and evening.

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7 Responses to Happy Valentines Day?

  1. ravenwing72 says:

    Hell to the yes! I don’t even celebrate my birthday. I do things for my kids at Christmas but when they grow up and move out I will be giving them all of my decorations. No more there will be. Off it must f**k!

    My other major beef is Valentine’s Day. It’s nothing more than a Hallmark holiday created by clones in suits all to screw as much money as they can out of the general populace. Why do you have to wait until one specific damn day of the year to show your love for someone. That should happen 365 days out of the year!!!

    I’m thrilled to find somebody who actually agrees with me!x

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    • I do celebrate my birthday cause I like being the center of attention and you are right I only do Christmas because of my son. Its things like Blue Monday, which everyone claims is the most depressing day of the year, when in fact its a promotional thing a Holiday company came up with. Or make sure the engagement ring is worth 2 months salary is also from an ad campaign.

      It drives me bloody nuts

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  2. Miriam says:

    I agree, it’s the little things. ❤️

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  3. 20 percent? I thought it was more like 50 percent? But I may just be a big Grinch after all. Holidays are nothing but propaganda designed to increase sales for businesses.

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