Well that was just rude

My internet went down last night around 7pm and didn’t come back on till gone 9am this morning.

This meant not only did I have to play with my son, I also had to converse with my partner.

How very rude of the internet company, apparently it could of been fixed sooner if we had called earlier, but that is beside the point.

I had to socialise with my family and play lego and do stuff that those families had to do way back in the 90s, it was like living in the middle ages.

On a serious note however, it was lots of fun, I sometimes think with the internet we get to involved with online and not enough with out family. It has been a godsend this week with me being very pathatic and ill. But normally when monkey is on holiday I limit my online time as much as possible. It feels good to step away sometimes.

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24 Responses to Well that was just rude

  1. Jaidip Patra says:

    Yes of course… It is a fact that Internet makes us detached from the society and getting hooked in the internet all the time deprive us from many things… That was a good hindsight from you… NICE

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  2. Donnalee says:

    I don’t use cellphones, but do do a lot online. If the people here are fun and want to engage personally, I spend time with them. If not, then I go online and chitchat here, or do work etc. That is the great thing about the Woodstock NY area: there is a downtown, and folks, and a lot of social chitchat can happen just eating out where everyone knows me, etc. I really missed that when I lived elsewhere that no longer had that.

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  3. It’s funny isn’t it, how when the internet goes or the tv breaks (actually for us it was the aerial for about 9 days) there’s an initial panic and then you just sort of get on with it and it’s rather nice!

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