Trying to have a bath in peace

Part of my routine is to have a bath on a Monday morning, a nice long hot bath, with a shit ton of bubbles and relax. I find this is a good way to help me get ready for the rest of the week.

Also it means I don’t have anyone knocking at the door demanding to use the toilet (normally my son) or asking if I am ok (my son) or asking if I could read my book to him (I am going to let you guess who this is)

Monday mornings, no one in the house,I take monkey to school,Β  I take Max (the dog) out for a walk just before and tell the cats they need to go out. Strip the beds and then sit in my bath and not move.

Sounds lovely, it never works like this though. What normally happens is, I get in the bath, then in comes the first cat, Gizmo who has realised what I am doing and goes “fuck off is she going to get a moments peace” He comes in and starts screaming at me for ignoring him.

Also because Giz only has 3 legs, he is not comfortable enough to jump up on the side, unlike the other cat Sheldon, who will happily jump on the side and then scream at Gizmo for not doing it.

This is then followed by the dog who wants to know what the noise is and comes in, but our bathroom is small, so Giz jumps up onto the side and unless I am ready falls into my bath. I now have every animal in the bathroom, all yelling at me for trying to have a bit of peace.

The sensible solution would be to shut the door. The bloody animals work together to get it open and we don’t have a lock on the door (long story for a different day)

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25 Responses to Trying to have a bath in peace

  1. Donnalee says:

    Oh well–persevere. I used to have cats who jumped to the edge and at times tried to crawl onto my knees if they were sticking up. What if you put a cat platform thing in there for one to sit on? I know you said small, but I have no clue how small is small–or just barricade from inside?

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    ahahahaha! you are cracking me up girl! πŸ™‚ ❀ πŸ˜€ xxx

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  3. Hmm . . you need a hot tub out back . . then feed the critters all heavy (go-to-sleep-Now) foods before you climb in!! πŸ›€

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