Have you ever

Wanted something without all the hard work that goes with it?

For example I want a horse, I have always wanted a horse, right up until I found out how expensive a horse is and how much work it is.

So instead I have ignored both of those and put it on my would like to have list when I win the lottery and can pay someone to look after my horse.

Or a snake, I want a python, from what I gather they don’t take a lot of looking after, but again can be very expensive.

Like with anything though, I do like to do a lot of research before purchasing, especially a breathing animal, so I would never actually get an animal unless we could put in the work and afford it, but they are still nice dreams.

Another example would be being in the Olympics, I would like to compete in the Olympics, but without any of the hard work, that you have to do before hand.

Or an actor, I can’t act for toffee and also I want to be earning shit loads first time round, not doing the small jobs first.

I think basically what I am saying is I want things to fall into my lap and the world doesn’t work like that.

Is there anything you have wanted but then did a bit of research and realised how much you would be taking on (children do not count in this one)

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31 Responses to Have you ever

  1. Running a B&B or a rooming house. . . I did time as a property manager and don’t want to go back to dealing with tenant problems

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  2. Seven Shakur says:

    I want good health, wealth, unity, and acres 🙏🏾

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  3. Donnalee says:

    Yes. A fantastic fit body–

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  4. s.e. taylor says:

    I used to want to live in the country off the grid. Turns out I’m definitely a city gal. When staying at a friends house in the country and I had to go pick the green beans for dinner, the tomatoes for the salad, etc. All while being eaten alive by mosquitoes, and having to check for ticks. nope nope nope

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