Sleep update

I have basically given up on my sleep, its just not happening.

At least that is what I thought, till last night, when I fell asleep sitting up at about 11.30pm, I was on the sofa and I made the decision sod it lets sleep here, because as soon as I move I am going to wake up and then not sleep once I get to bed.

I curled up with a pillow, lots of blankets and promptly fell asleep before midnight. Quarter past midnight, the dog started whining to be let out, followed by one of the cats wanting to go out with him, by the time I got up, let them both out, and lay back down again, I was wide a flipping awake

I head upstairs in the hope being in bed might work. Nop, 5am this morning, I finally fell asleep.

Maybe tonight, will be the night

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11 Responses to Sleep update

  1. Ok, I talked to my friend a week or so ago, the one who’s into voodoo. She said use the following things to help with insomnia, and even anxiety: saffron, cumin, nutmeg, valerian (medicinal herb), and even bananas because they contain tryptophan. Not all at once of course, but give them a try. Might help. 😊

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  2. Revenge of Eve says:

    That is such a terrible feeling, lack of sleep. I’m sorry you are dealing with this

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  3. becausesheisaqueen says:

    Have you tried melatonin? πŸ–€

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