Its Monday and there comes the anxiety

What I really would like, is a guide book that gives me a rough idea of what my brain or body is going to do next.

I got up with my son yesterday morning and spent most of yesterday under a duvet, with my son either playing cards or lego, cursing the anxiety I was having.

I think I can say that the pills are not working at all. I have woken up today, after a great weekend with no motivation and some not great thoughts in my head.

Its about half twelve in the afternoon, so to try and get rid of this, I am going to have a bath, get dressed and clean the house from top to bottom.

Hopefully this might help somewhat, but who knows.

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4 Responses to Its Monday and there comes the anxiety

  1. i have a friend who struggles with anxiety too. her last prescription wasn’t working – made her feel weird – and she’s afraid to try the new ones.

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