Does anyone else remember?

The postman coming at least twice a day?

Or when you had an intermission in the cinema?

Shops being shut on a Wednesday afternoon and a Sunday?

Smoking indoors?

God I am getting old

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15 Responses to Does anyone else remember?

  1. mikeandkatymae says:

    How’s about cassette tapes; 8 track tapes. That’s old. It’s not that you are older, everyone else is younger, that’s all.

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    I remember smoking indoors, now you cant smoke anywhere, all banned! xo

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  3. Oh I remember well! Smoking on airplanes? Respect for teachers! Respect for adults … TVs so heavy that it took two people to carry them and no remote controls! However did we cope!

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  4. Only being allowed to use the home phone in an emergency.

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  5. ashleyleia says:

    How about telephone party lines? Having a bankbook?

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  6. Back in the good old days! 🤔

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  7. Live stage shows between movies in downtown Chicago. And dishes as giveaways. Really. AND, going to the movies for 15 cents, staying all day, into the night, watching over and over, the greats like John Wayne… And shorts of Don Winslow of the Coast Guard! Yup! Long ago. Now I get served a meal in the theater…

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