Bloody cats

We have a gate over my son’s door, its not fixed it so we can move it to the side, or just move it into another room if he has friends over. The simple reason for it, is to keep the dog out of his room and off his lego models.

The cats on the other hand are a different matter, if they want it they are going to get in and here we have found the problem with having the cat. We leave a gap so they can get in and out without jumping it.


gizzy wet 2

Has 3 legs and only jumps when necessary, has gotten the idea and goes round.


sheldon pretty

Likes jumping, if he sees something, he will jump it rather than go round. At around 3am this morning, there was a massive crash, I had forgotten to remove the gate (incase this ever happened) and he had jumped on it and over it, the gate which is literally balanced had fallen over, the dog started barking.



Well he is adorable but seems to think we are deaf, the doorbell rings, even though I am standing right there, he still thinks he needs to bark to let me know and keep barking till I answer it. He is rubbish, when I don’t want to answer the door.

Back to Sheldon, by the time I got to my son’s room, he was up on the bed purring away happily looking like he hadn’t done a thing.

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12 Responses to Bloody cats

  1. chanty007 says:

    Aaawh look at them…who can be angry at those faces:-)

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  2. ravenwing72 says:

    Awwwww, your fur babies are gorgeous!

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  3. whiskeyandmerlot says:

    AHHHH I love your cats!

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