I was thinking?

I was chatting to another blogger (who shall remain nameless unless they want to be revealed)

Who suggested that maybe I want to open my blog to having partners. Basically, someone pays me to advertise their blog and reblog their posts.

I am not sure how I feel about it, especially because I do my weekend share, which I really love doing.

But first, I thought I would see if there is any interest out there?

So would you?

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27 Responses to I was thinking?

  1. Revenge of Eve says:

    Would you still post?

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    • Yes without a doubt. This is one of the reasons why I not super keen on it, I like reblogging posts, I enjoy for some reason, they can make me laugh, think, cry. To have someone pay me to reblog it for them seems a bit weird, so then I was thinking, maybe just advertising them somewhere on my blog, but then does that mean I would have to stop doing my links. so many questions and I don’t have an answer for any of them.

      What I really want is for Lego to come and pay me to advertise their products for them, solves any money problems and keeps my son happy. Win win 😉

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  2. Iriowen says:

    It’s a good idea, the problem is it will take away the joy of blogging. I suggest you get affiliated with stores like Macy’s and Walmart place their banner on your page if you feel like monetizing.

    Then write this at the top of your ads:
    (You are supporting IGTBCS when you shop at these sites)

    Good luck! ❤️

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  3. Suze says:

    isn’t that what Daddy does? you might want to ask him

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  4. My only concern would be that they might post something I find offensive

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  5. s.e. taylor says:

    As far as monetizing, affiliate marketing is a great way to make some cash. You could also sell ad space on your side bar- put a banner on side bar with something like “your ad here” and contact info on how to reach you to place an ad. Above the fold always runs more than lower down on side bar. Then there are sponsored posts which sometimes pay cash, free stuff, or gift cards. They will usually tell you what SEO keywords they want in the post and what the required word count is.The higher your google PR the more offers you’ll get and the more you can charge. As far as reblogs, how about guest posts instead? That way it’s not duplicate content, which may hurt search engine rankings.

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  6. Colette B says:

    So you’re thinking of making the transition from personal blogging to blogging as a business and offering services such as advertising and reblogging? Is that the intention you’re pondering?


    • No, I don’t think so and I think that is the problem. I don’t want to lose the fact that I enjoy writing. I don’t want to take away anything from my blog. Its my baby and I don’t want to just be a reblog blog if that makes sense. Thats not why people follow me, a large amount of my followers are because I talk about mental health, and I don’t want to stop doing that.

      Basically I have no idea what I am pondering, but I was hoping someone else did 😉

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      • Colette B says:

        Yeah, I like to visit you here as a personal blogger and I worried for you that what you are describing is business activity (ie. potentially selling reblogs etc). Although some people in some cultures/circumstances seem to be able to recoupe revenue from blogging, I’ve no idea how it could work out for Brits – especially those unfit for work/ with disabilities/ welfare-dependent.

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      • I have no idea either, I am not expecting to earn a full time living from it, more something to give me some pocket money, I am just not sure if its possible, or whether you have to do one or the other. The main purpose of this post, was to give me ideas of what people wanted. There would be very little point in me trying to sell reblogs, for example and my readers leaving in droves.

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      • Colette B says:

        Personally I avoid visiting paid-for-reblogs at sites that offer those (although I might still visit to read the host-blogger’s posts). I prefer authentic personal blogging where links are shared for free as genuinely recommended reading and not as the result of commercial transactions.
        You probably already know this. Benefit rules are quite complicated, so for instance there’s the allowed amount you can earn while receiving benefit but at the same time there are rules stating (as per 2012 Welfare Reform Act, I think) any self-employed activity can result in the decision to apply assumed earnings of £250 per week even if the claimant has no actual income. I dunno how often they apply that rule or if it takes being a soft-target in a hard-line area to be gazumped by that clause. It really should have been titled ‘Welfare Repeal’ cos that’s what it is!
        I didn’t mean to put a downer on what might be a really good idea for you, but it seems a minefield out there with very little (if any) information relevant or appropriate to British bloggers. Ok, maybe ‘they’ wouldn’t find out if it’s only pocket-money earnings – but I wouldn’t count on it. Ways that seem viable for bloggers in other countries might need checking first for legal issues here in the UK. But however small any takings it would be commercial activity and mixing up personal blogging with enterprise could be problematic. But that’s just my personal thinking – and I don’t have any experience whatsoever in commercialised blogging practises so hopefully you’ll receive more knowledgeable advice along the way 🙂

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      • No, you are very right, it would effect my benefits along the way and again something I need to look into, also apart from my benefits, I suppose I would be classed as self employed, so would have to make sure I pay any tax on it

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      • Colette B says:

        Yup, seems that even if you only make a tiny return, as soon as you earn any money from your blog, even via ad-words or affiliate links, then you have to declare self-employment and fill in annual self-assessment forms for tax even if you only earnt pennies 😦 And if only earning pennies could mean assumed earnings of £250 weekly and thus reduced or nill welfare support then it could be a certain path to destitution. Affecting benefits wouldn’t be an issue if blogging income was viable as a means to earn a living rather than just pennies. You’d also have to provide/clearly display your business name and physical address on your website/blog (and if working from home that’s an obvious issue) and a whole heap of considerations. I’m guessing laws in other countries must be different as I don’t notice most of the things at most commercial blogs that we’d be obliged to adhere to as UK bloggers. I was just reading on some of these things at this site found in search results for UK law + blogging: https://www.byrosanna.co.uk/blog/legal-guidelines-for-bloggers
        Anyway, i’m glad you posted on this. At one of my blogs I paid Premium last year, didn’t tick ad words and wondered about ticking it when I renew – I’ll definitely be leaving it unticked until I’m well enough to make reasonable use of office rental 🙂

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      • Lovely thank you for that link, I shall have a look at it. I do wonder if it is slightly different if you have the coffee or wine type thing. The ones that say buy the author a coffee, because I have seen certain uk Bloggers have that and nothing else

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