*Reblog* Busting some common myths about OCD

I love this post, I fight against a lot of these myths everyday. Apart from the last one, that one, I am sure is true 😉

Monkey Minds

Myth 1: people with OCD wash their hands over and over again

Not necessarily. This is probably the biggest stereotype about OCD sufferers. Those who do have ‘contamination OCD’ and repeatedly wash themselves are the poster children of the disorder. But only a fraction of people with OCD have this particular compulsion. A man with obsessional worries that he will contract HIV might indeed scrub his hands clean again and again, but a woman obsessionally worried that she could accidentally harm her child might hide all the sharp knives in the kitchen and insist on eating out every night to avoid her fears. An overly anxious Catholic might avoid the number 66 and perform complicated mental rituals in her head, perhaps repeatedly adding or multiplying sixes to create ‘good’ numbers, thus purging Satanic content from her mind and ensuring God’s good favour. The compulsions depend on the obsession, and can…

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4 Responses to *Reblog* Busting some common myths about OCD

  1. Donnalee says:

    This is good–thanks for reblogging it. Suffering takles so many forms, and people can be pretty unkind or ingorant about many of them, like OCD being just some sort of prissiness that is not actual serious suffering and fear.

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