*reblog* How many views does my blog get?

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The Cat's Write

When I first started my blog, The Cat’s Write, this was the one question I was dying to find out from other bloggers, especially from those who had been blogging for years or had a high number of subscribers – or both! Surely they must be getting thousands of views a day!?

But… I always thought it was a bit rude to ask, so I would hunt for hours and hours until I uncovered articles on the topic, usually from WordPress bloggers reporting their earnings from the WordAds program.

On average, I found these bloggers were getting around 30,000+ views a month.

Argh, I don’t even get half that many! I really have no clue how they get such high numbers.

My first (sucky) guess was that I must be doing something wrong. Then I realised these savvy bloggers would only be reporting their earnings if they had a huge…

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2 Responses to *reblog* How many views does my blog get?

  1. This is great! I have been blogging for a few months and I think it’s easy to get caught up in the stats, I was almost obsessing about it. Your post was a relief as I don’t feel so alone but I agree that the stats is not what it’s all about, blogging makes me happy so thats what I’ll keep doing regardless of the stats 😊

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