I should really listen at times

Monkey came home from school, talking ten to a dozen, he started talking about lego and to be honest I zoned out, he was still talking as he wondered up the stairs. I caught various bits such as exploding boat, building, tower and the sentence but if I brace it, it might work.

He kept on talking at me, I heard him wondering round, still happily chatting to me and then I heard but mummy did you hear me.

I froze because I hadn’t I was fairly sure I was making the right sounds, so I decided honesty was my best policy and said sorry monkey I didn’t hear what you said.

To which he replied. Mummy you didn’t do your job this morning.

Right, did I have a job involving lego to do today, no, I don’t think so

I replied which job?

Mummy I told you this morning, I used the last of the toilet toll, like you asked me to and there is non left and my bum is getting cold.

Yep, I hadn’t noticed he had gone to the toilet.

That will teach me to stop zoning out

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14 Responses to I should really listen at times

  1. missschade says:

    I so remember those times…

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  2. Especially for Lego surly everyone loves lego, there is nothing like standing on a piece to wake you up at 5am.

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