*Reblog* Our Mental Illnesses Are NOT Your Cute Personality Quirks…

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Seriously people. The next time that I hear”Oh I must tidy up, I’m so OCD today” or “Oh she’s up one minute and down the next – she’s so bipolar!” I am going to stuff my walking stick right up that person’s asshole and turn them into a fucking lollipop. I swear I am.

Listen up people. Suffering from mental illness is no triviality and neither is it a fucking joke. I have struggles with several mental health issues, OCD and bipolar being two of them, so it really does set my teeth on edge when I hear someone coming out with an off the cuff, totally fucking moronic comment like that.

When we said we wanted mental health disorders to be spoken about more, we didn’t mean for you to appropriate them into your everyday conversations.

Lately (and unfortunately), it is becoming something of the norm that mental health…

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7 Responses to *Reblog* Our Mental Illnesses Are NOT Your Cute Personality Quirks…

  1. Total agree!!! I Have MS and issues with it. People just see tied and lazy some day. No! It’s a medical condition not me just wanting day off. It’s permanent!!

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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    So true. This was a great article!

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