Well that didn’t go as expected

I have my doctors app. I wondered into the doctor explained the problems I was having, the thoughts, everything.

The first thing she did was try and ring the mental health people to get me an emergency app.

The first two numbers she tried, didn’t work and the third rang through, so she started talking about going to A&E and seeing the people there.

She then said she had to have a quick chat with a colleague and could I wait in the waiting room. At the point, I assumed she was phoning an ambulance to take me to get committed, the only thing that stopped me from walking out was C, who I was messaging.

Eventually she came back, and told me to get myself admitted to A&E and due to certain things, she was ringing social services as a safeguarding issue. These were not the words I wanted to hear.

I wondered home, explained what was going on to my partner, talked a bit more to C who insisted I went and then wondered over to A&E, I was in there for an hour tops. Nothing amazing happened, apart from them ringing my partner and asking if it was ok for me to come home. I swear I heard him pause as he debated getting the TV for himself for the evening.

And I am back home, no idea what is going on really, well apart from the fact I was honest to a doctor, maybe too honest. Maybe I should soften it for them.

I will say if you are reading this and are having doubts about going to a doctors because you are worried, don’t be. They are there to protect you and your family and they will make sure that happens.

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6 Responses to Well that didn’t go as expected

  1. s.e. taylor says:

    I think it was good that you were honest, and brave of you.

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  2. KD says:

    I agree with s.e. taylor. I think it was good that you were honest. Sometimes it is worse to withhold.

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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    very very late here but…well, that was a bit of a nightmare, eh? honesty isn’t always the best route then is it? 🙂 glad they didn’t admit you though, xo

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