*Press it* In Search Of Spring? #25

This is a lovely post about the subtle signs of spring. Just so Ruth knows I was going to come and live with you right up till I got to the beehives. My mum had Hampshire Blacks, I am now so terrified of bees its unbelievable via In Search Of Spring?

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4 Responses to *Press it* In Search Of Spring? #25

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    Thank you for sharing my post. When we have visitors at the farm they are given some instructions about the bees. 1. Do not walk in front of the bee hives. It is a busy runway with lots of bees coming and going and they might accidently fly right into you.. 2. I would also show you what the plant (weed) plantain looks like and tell you if you did get stung crush or chew up a plantain leaf and rub it on the sting. The juice will stop the stinging. Honey bees are generally not an aggressive bee because if they sting someone they die. Mostly they are a threat when they are defending their hive, honey(food) and queen or if you accidently step on one.

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    • Hampshire blacks are not nice bees, but make the best honey. My mum was getting the wax out when I came along, since they couldn’t sting her, they went after me.

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      • ruthsoaper says:

        We had a scary experience last year when my husband opened up one of the hives just to add another box and was attacked by hundreds of angry bees. For some reason they were more defensive than usual and he was only partly suited up. He ran to the pond and jumped in to get all the bees off of him. He had too many stings covering his body to count. He considered going to the hospital but I was able to treat him with some home remedies and by that afternoon he was fine – Thank God. He has vowed never to open a hive again without having all of his protective gear on and even then I am sure he will be a little nervous.

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      • that does sound scary, but happy he is ok now

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