I am going to do this

A couple of weeks ago my sister took monkey to Chessington, which is a massive theme park. Due to the snow, some of the rides were closed, so they gave them 2 free tickets to be used.

Since my sister is working abroad at the moment, she gave them to me to use, I love theme parks, what I don’t like is the crowds. We use to have annual passes, which I got when I went manic, and due to how much they cost, I made damn sure I got the most use out of them, but it was easier as monkey as at nursery, so we could take him out and go during the term time, when it was quiet.

We have the Easter holidays coming up and monkey really wants to go and use these tickets. I on the other hand want to wait till after. Then I had a brilliant idea, on Thursday his school closes for a half day, ok so its wrong to take him out of school, but, what is he going to learn in that half day. Also Thursday has the added bonus of being my partners day off.

We are still discussing it, because quiet frankly I am terrified of going, but monkey will love it, and once I am there it should be fun. Its just getting there

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8 Responses to I am going to do this

  1. Candice says:

    I hope you are able to enjoy the day, and that the weather is cooperative.

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    I used to go to chesington when I visited my aunt in the UK, I love it there. Enjoy if you go. Take meds before hand, or make sure you stop off for coffee or tea, good old tea eh? xoxo

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  3. Try and be present and just focus on the moment. I’m sure it’ll be a great time 😊

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