Is that me or the anxiety talking?

I mentioned the other day that we maybe going to Chessington  on Thursday, however I was reminded the other day that over the weekend, we have builder type people coming in to sort out the heating and give us a new boiler.

The problem with this is they need to get to the radiators in the house, so we need to move the stuff away from them, while I could do a few, I really need my partner here and monkey not to be. Which would be Thursday morning.

Also I think I have a leak in the kitchen, behind my washing machine, guess what I can’t move? Again easier to sort with partner and no monkey.

What I am trying to figure out is whether I am just making excuses or whether this shit really does need doing.

I am going to do the adult thing and make my partner decide. Hopefully he is in an adult type mood.

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5 Responses to Is that me or the anxiety talking?

  1. Let’s hope he’s some help, I’m afraid I do the, ‘whatever you want, babe’ thingy, not much help 😀

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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    Lol! your partner may be no help he might decide your just making excuses, really though, I hope he was helpful!

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