What to do when you are anxious

I didn’t sleep last night, I eventually went to sleep around 8.30am this morning, the reason? I am panicking about the boiler guys coming round tomorrow. Apparently the work is going to take 3 days, in which I have my partner at work, monkey not at school and a very anxious dog.

My partner woke me up at around 3pm, I couldn’t be arsed to do anything, so I played lego with monkey. However as we have gotten closer and closer to when these guys are coming (9 hours now) I am getting more and more anxious.

I am debating what to do if we can’t stay in one room. It means we are all going to have to go out, but where are we going to go, its not like we can do a day trip somewhere. Well we could, I suppose, as long as it was right near my house, with no dogs or people.

I am wide awake, its about 12.30am here. I am not going to cope, I don’t think, I am not able to concentrate on anything, so that puts lego out or any computer games, so I am doing the only thing available to me, which is all my jobs I didn’t do cause I was asleep.

Yes at midnight, I was sweeping my son’s room while he slept, and now starting on the rest of the house.

Hopefully if I get all my jobs done then this anxious feeling might dissipate a little. Maybe, hopefully.

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26 Responses to What to do when you are anxious

  1. Cyranny says:

    Sending you my warmest thoughts, Trina… I hope they’ll work extra quickly to leave your house asap!! Hang on! xx

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  2. Revenge of Eve says:

    I clean when I am anxious too.

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  3. Cleaning is my way of dealing with anxiety too! Breathe and remember its only temporary 🙂

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  4. Aspie girl says:

    I hate having people coming over. I need to call the plumber, and I need to have screen doors installed. Been putting it off for weeks now.

    Don’t you have a park nearby? Parks aren’t overcrowded with people, but they do have dogs… A shopping center? Dogs aren’t allowed there, people are. This is a tough one because people and dogs are everywhere. Maybe a remote beach that no one goes to, or a side street.

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  5. manyofus1980 says:

    How are you now? I feel for you hun. xo

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  7. breakdownchick says:

    Hi 🙂 I have nominated you for the 3 day/3 quote challenge, if you are interested ❤

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