*Press it* Der ausradierte Bruder #26

This is a new one for me, its in a different language. I do love a challenge. Its a beautiful piece, you might want to grab a tissue first via Der ausradierte Bruder

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13 Responses to *Press it* Der ausradierte Bruder #26

  1. missschade says:

    You can’t imagine what it means to me, to see you posted this. My grandmother passed away this morning and while I still don’t know how to handle this, I remember what it meant to her when I went to visit her brothers grave so far away. Thank you so much 💝

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  2. shiarrael says:

    Thank you for posting and also for the tissue warning… wow. What an amazing writer.

    Things I learned:
    My German isn’t half as good as I thought it was (*enter frantic texting with “my” Germanz to explain words, then explain the explanation*).
    Google Translate is not helping
    Really. Not helping.

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