Sort of finished

Myself and Monkey spent today tidying up, the problem came when he decided he wanted to change his whole room round.

He tried to help move stuff bless him, but it was basically me shifting stuff around. However it looks really good, tomorrow, the plan is to finish downstairs, which was only given a basic clean and hoover again, loads of dust around.

However my washing machine has stopped working (yes again) hopefully its the fuse, which can be changed fairly easily other wise I am going to have to try and find another one, which is very close, so my partner can walk. Or rope someone into babysit monkey for an hour or so E, I am looking at you.

I am feeling better mentally, especially having done the cleaning, it looks much better and we are back onto routine. I have a meeting with the crisis team on Thursday, so that is something to look forward to


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2 Responses to Sort of finished

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    A clean home is a happy home! that’s what our insider Emily says. she’s 12. she loves to clean!

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