Another Letter

A few weeks ago I questioned my housing benefit from the council, I think they thought I was getting too much money from one source. Turns out they had it correct, but something else wrong, which results in me getting some extra money a week. £10, it might not sound a lot, but that will pay for my electric for a month, so its one less thing we have to scramble around for.

On top of this because we paid loads of bills a week or so ago, it also means we should be able to stay on top of it.

I say this but I am looking at a broken washing machine and wondering if this is where my extra £10 a week is going to go for the foresable future

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4 Responses to Another Letter

  1. missschade says:

    Since age decided I’m grown-up it fells like money is pouring (or dripping) from above while I stand on a grid and try to catch everything I can. Especially since Henry is around 😂

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    ill give you a laugh, I got a letter this week, from the dept who provides my benefits, they said, since you qualify for living alone allowance and fuel allowance, you will also qualify for our new phone allowance, of 2.50 a week, you read correctly, 2 euro 50 a week, they broke their hearts! xo

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