6 days in and we are both still alive barely

Oh how I dislike holidays with rainy weather. I find unless you are going somewhere really exciting, you just can’t enjoy it, especially if the wind is bitter, which it is.

This means myself and monkey have been inside, apart from walking the dog, which has been a quick affair, building lego.

I did a post a few months ago about sorting his lego out and then building all his models back up, as predicted he took them all apart and then built his own things, but he destroyed them all. So I am making him rebuild them all, with only a little help from me, that way if he destroys them again (which he will) he will be destroying his own work.

This has meant that he has a lot of energy for such a little house, however this morning I had him helping me handwash the clothes and that seemed to take a bit of energy out of him.

The house is nearly back to order, just need to do the kitchen properly and then we are sorted.

That is tomorrow’s job, hopefully the weather is better so we can go to the park and not freeze.

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6 Responses to 6 days in and we are both still alive barely

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    its freezing here too and very wet! we’re supposed to have rain for 24 hours starting at 2 pm tomorrow. ug. sooo annoying, xo

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  2. My kids (7 and 5) used to love playing snap on rainy days or playing basic board games like snakes and ladders. My kids also still enjoy making boats etc and then I’ll put them in the bath with a lot of bubbles and they would see what creations they could make float or if they didn’t float we would turn them into submarines 😂

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