Mental Health update plus new pills

I wrote a very quick post the other day about my meeting with the crisis team, you can read it here

I have since be able to go back through it, the one thing that stuck out to me, was the doctor saying, you use humour a lot to mask what you feel.

The thing is that is true, when I am at my most down, I search out my friend C and chat to her, she laughs at all my jokes, its very healthy for me, not so good for my ego though.

I do wonder whether I should try and stop, especially when speaking to the medical community, I used my humour so much in the early days that it has become second nation and its going to take me ages to stop doing it.

On the other hand I like that bit of my personallity, for me, you have to laugh otherwise you will cry or in my case, get annoyed and frustrated and I cant risk that with monkey in the house.

I started on the new pills last night and christ I feel like I have been hit by a bus, my eyes have wanted to close and I have noticed that I am eating a lot more than usual. Even as I write this I am thinking of heading to bed.

My partner has gone away to a family wedding for the next few days, so I have the bed to myself. Of course I will miss him, but big bed.

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6 Responses to Mental Health update plus new pills

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    I told ya girl…told ya so…the Seroquel is a bitch. hopefully the effects wont last…xoxo

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  2. Breathing Deeply says:

    If you know that you use humor as a way to deflect emotions or just to make a situation a bit easier to cope with then what is the harm? The professionals will point it out and then you can go on with the conversation. Humor is therapy in itself. Humor is a gift. We could all use a few more chuckles in our days! Don’t ever change! 😉

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