Now these are new people

Yesterday I had someone from family support round, I have no idea what they actually do but she was lovely. She went through a few things that she could help with, including maybe sourcing a washing machine for us from somewhere, which I would be very grateful for.

I literally have no idea how this is going to pan out with everything, I am not sure who or what any of these people who keep turning up are, they keep using the words we are here to support you and then they tend to glance over to monkey, who is literally there wanting to explain his lego.

Unlike my previous post, these guys I am refraining from being funny or sarcastic, I don’t think they would get it, but even monkey asked me if I didn’t like her, because I was so reserved. I pointed out he was being friendly enough for the both of us.

I could search for them online, but its a bit like trying to get a medical diagnoises, you always find the worst possible response

Lets see where we go from here

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2 Responses to Now these are new people

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    Never heard of them…but hope they will help, take your time in getting to know her…xxx

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