Blogging Chums Award

Emilia over at My Inner Mish Mash and Eve over at Revenge of Eve Forever Anonymous nominated me for this award

The Blogging Chums Award is given to particularly brilliant bloggers who are really providing something special to the community, either through their writing or the way they engage with other people: they’re just brilliant!

Here are the rules:

1. Be sure to use the award image!
2. List the rules & about paragraph!
3. Thank whoever nominated you!
4. Write a letter to someone who means a lot to you to spread some positivity around the Internet – anyone will do!
5. Nominate 5-10 more people for the award and go let them know about it in their comments!

I am going to have to break the 1st rule straight off as I don’t have the image. I have done the second and the third, its going well, right now to the fourth, I did have someone in mind, which would be monkey, however I have changed my mind and promptly broken this rule as well.

My letter is going to be

How to start a letter when it is addressed to so many people, who I am not going to name, they are the people who keep me going on wordpress.

If you find this letter and have liked, commented or just read a post, this is to you. You lovely people keep me going with your kindness, whether it is DMing me on twitter to see how I am and then chat about random bollocks to cheer me up, emailing me to say you are sending me snow. Posting the most amazing photographs. Inviting me into your lives and letting me be part of your journey.

I read a lot of posts everyday and some make me smile, the way you talk about your children, the good and the bad. Taking me around the world with you, sharing your weight loss journey and taking the gains with the loses with a smile. Even just a simple post with a quote.

I see your pets, your family, the food you cook, I laugh with you and cry with you. I follow your journeys through your mental health, your physical health.

I read posts that make me blush. Posts that get me angry. You can take me through a whole range of emotions and then you come and check in on me, leaving me messages, showing that you care.

I appreciate you all for following me, but most importantly I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me follow you.

Love you loads



P.S I am breaking the 5th rule as well and not nominating anyone, but join in anyway


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10 Responses to Blogging Chums Award

  1. Congratulations, very well done.

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  2. It’s our pleasure. 😃

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  3. Suze says:

    congratulations…you deserve the recognition! 😀

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  4. manyofus1980 says:

    congrats, trina! xoxo

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  5. I love your letter, it’s absolutely great. 🙂

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