My stress and where it is coming from

I have mentioned to a few people the massive amount of stress I was plunged into at the end of last week. I have alluded to it a few times but I just wanted to type it all down so that others can see what its like living the life of Reily on benefits (if my sarcasm is not coming across it should be)

Obviously I have had both my washing machine and dishwasher break down at the same time, we have constant money worries, as we are still struggling having lost close £700 a month from benefits.

However I am appealing and asking for help from a lot of different sources. One of those was my housing benefit, I believe what they think they are giving is wrong, especially because it dropped so much when very little in our circumstances has changed, so I appealed it, they came back agreed with me, and promised me £300 as a backpayment, now this might not sound like a massive amount but to us it is. I expected it on Friday nothing appeared, not even the normal amount, so I phoned and get a computer voice telling me there were issues and I should receive the payment by the end of the day. The end of the day being 5.30pm, the council closes at 4.30, I did get a payment, but its not one I could figure out it was over £200 less than I was expecting and it didn’t add up to anything I could figure out. There was bugger all I could do about it though, cause they were now closed.

I had to wait till Monday, first thing I did was phone them, which to me was stressful enough because I don’t use the phone on anything but a Friday, however it was that or going down to the council offices and I couldn’t face that either.

I spoke to the lady who informed me that due to an overpayment (which I am also appealing) they had taken that money and taken it off that. Now my argument is it would be fine if they had let me know, but they didn’t they just did it and told me I was expecting a completely different amount. If they had, I would have budgeted so much differently this month.

There was nothing she could do but she did tell me to appeal, I am not holding out much hope. However there was still the rent to pay, we are more or less out of options so I had to take some jewellery and pawn it, hopefully I will get an appeal win somewhere and some back payment and be able to get it back. Well I will get it back, thats not the point.

What I am facing, I wish I could say its rare, but its not, this is the situation for millions of families up and down the country due to the cuts, not just this government have made but others before it, none of them are innocent in this and none of the really give a shit.

That is what is going on with me. Its stressful, it leads me in to a depressive mood and its difficult, but you know what? I am going to make it my mission to make sure they know they are playing around with real people’s lives, we are not numbers on a page, we are real life people who are suffering because of what the government is doing.

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6 Responses to My stress and where it is coming from

  1. Cyranny says:

    I admire you for your fighting attitude…. It is normal to feel down and frustrated by this kind of situation, but it is great that you don’t give up doing everything to show the government that there are some actual people behind all the paperwork, and the phone calls and the eventual checks! You mentionned it, many many people must be going through what you are struggling with, and a lot of them probably give up fighting “the system”… In a way, you’re fighting for them too 🙂 You rock!! xx

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    god! that sucks! so sorry hun I hear ya though the government it is shit! xxx

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  3. Barb says:

    Sending love and light for a positive outcome on your appeal. 🌻 😊❤️

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