And on and on and on

I managed to take Monkey to his swimming lesson, as predicited it was hell, it was crowded, hot and did I mention crowded.

I managed to get monkey out and dressed in record time and we started the 20 minute walk home. He talked non stopped the whole way home, he also talked non stop on the way there as well.

The conversation started with Lego and the lego movie, followed by singing everything is awesome, then I think it moved onto construction set lego from the lego movie. I think he then moved onto free things and chocolate. I am not sure how he made the leap either. Completed by shifting onto Batman Lego.

I think I said about 2 words

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2 Responses to And on and on and on

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    lol. hes obsessed 😀 xxx

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