Prince something

A new royal baby entered the world yesterday, everyone cheered, the whole of Great Britain threw a massive party.

Ok I maybe being sarcastic and to be honest I couldn’t give a shit, what did make me take notice that within an hour of giving birth, or certainly the news being announced their was Kate standing on the steps, looking like she had just had a tea rather than a baby.

I will say, I have no idea how she fucking did it. I do wonder whether after giving birth she turned around to William, and said fuck um, I want to sit here and not move, I have just had a damn baby, tell them to fuck off. I certainly don’t want to get dressed, get make up on and do my hair.

Now I know, its probably slightly different to when I gave birth, she might have make up artists on standby, hair dressers, someone to decide on the clothes. But still you don’t have a baby and then not be exhausted.

I also wonder, what this does to young mums who follow this sort of thing, do they feel pressure to do the same sort of thing? No matter what.

I was one of the lucky ones, I was out within 2 hours of giving birth and to be fair nothing could of stopped me, unless monkey was ill.

But then I didn’t have the world’s press waiting for me and left in tracksuits and a baggy t-shirt.

If you are feeling any pressure and read this, don’t I know thats easier said that done, you have to listen to your body, you don’t have a private doctor, probably a private midwife and the best medical care money can buy, listen to your body, if it says rest then do it.

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32 Responses to Prince something

  1. I have never given birth, but I can tell ya this… There is no way in bloody hell I would even attempt applying mascara to my puffy eyes after screaming my damn head off. Fuck that! LOL! 🙂

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  2. Cyranny says:

    My guess is that she might have given birth with make up on, and touch ups in between contractions… 😛

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  3. The idea of “royals”, and the fawning over them, in this day and age is beyond antiquated. It’s bizarre how people drool over their every move. What do they do? What purpose do they serve? Where’s all that money and castles and limos come from? Oh, that’s right. From the very people they do nothing for. It’s the weirdest thing. At least William and Harry seemed to work. What the hell did Charles ever do…besides cheat on his wife?

    P.s. I hope you’re not one of the fawners. 😃

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  4. Michael says:

    Your final comment is good advice. I too wondered how she could have this child and look so good and ready to go home. But she might be one of the lucky ones, I know my wife took days to recover.

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  5. manyofus1980 says:

    there was sooo much hype surrounding kates labour! I know everyone loves the royals but really? I must be abnormal, I hated all the fuss that was on tv and in the news. I was like, just let her have the baby in peace! xxx

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