*Reblog* I wasn’t going to, but…

This really made me laugh and cheered me up. Thank you once again Cyranny

Cyranny's Cove

I’m still working on my comment-replying, and scrolling around posts here and there… And I had no intention whatsoever to post again today.

But Trina told me to do it.

Trina reblogs a lot of posts. She writes about her life, and her ups and downs, but she shares a lot of posts on her blog. Sometimes I picture her scrolling through the whole Bloggosphere, looking for little gems, and forgetting to eat, drink or sleep in the process! She’s basically a blog screener, and tonight she asked for my help. She’s a little overwhelmed, you see?

It just seems like there are too many good posts out there, and that “People should stop writing such good posts” to which I answered that she didn’t have to worry about me writing anything worth reblogging today…

And then I recieved another message saying;

“Could you tell everyone else please”


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2 Responses to *Reblog* I wasn’t going to, but…

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    it cheered me up too! xxx 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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