Those so called experts

In recent years I have seen a massive spike of people talking about their mental health and trying to break down the stigma that comes with it, for personally this is all to the good, the more people that understand depression is not laziness and just feeling sad and anxiety is not feeling nervous, OCD is not just about tidying or hoarding is to the good.

I read hundreds of mental health blogs every week, I go out and find them and with the exception of a few all of them when writing about treatment talk about what works for themselves, they don’t say well this is working for me, so if you have depression as well it will work for you.

Nearly everyone who is on their mental health journey acknowledges its a long hard road and that they go through many different treatments, drugs and let downs.

I, myself have often said that my depression and anxiety is different to other people, so in that it follows that everyones treatment is different and not only that but everyone is on a different stage in their journey.

Then we come onto the “experts” on tv, who seem to think their one cure system will work and it drives me fucking nuts. As far as I can tell its based on CBT which works for some people but not all and the other thing that drives me mental is they work with a member of the general public for 2 hours and by the end of the programme the person is cured.

But then they never show what happens afterwards, I am capable of doing things outside my comfort zone, but the aftermath is often horrible, they never show that and for me personally I think these experts are doing a massive disservice to people who suffer from mental health.

To show someone can be cured of their phobia or in some cases mental health condition within 2 hours is pure shit and a fabric of their imaginaton, it can take years sometimes and certainly a large amount of follow up appointments and I wish certain trashy tv shows would stop fucking promoting them.

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22 Responses to Those so called experts

  1. I could not agree more!

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  2. Leon Garber says:

    And sometimes, the symptoms can return, in moments of distress, or during major life-changes. CBT, as wonderful as it is, has its limits.

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  3. blackbird says:

    Amen! I am so wary of what “experts” say

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    • It was actually on a morning show I saw two of them and did a bit of digging, so far I can’t find any qualifications they actually have

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      • blackbird says:

        *eye roll* Every “do this and you’re cured” speech/attitude drives me insane. As you note in your post, though, the more people we have sharing their actual experience the more awareness we’ll spread. I know I’m going to keep sharing, even if it isn’t always the easiest to talk about.

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      • One of the things I do worry about is the expectation of “well they did it on the Telly, so you should be able to ” I just want to go bollocks, I know some people it has taken a decade to get to the right point and its not for lack of trying, some can take a few months, and these idiots are dangerous

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      • blackbird says:

        I completely agree with you! I’m glad you posted this today.

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      • Welcome. I should of put in there the other thing that worries me is vulnerable people seeing it and thinking well if they can do it I can and pushing themselves too far.

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  4. ashleyleia says:

    It’s scary that people are throwing around loads of BS like that.

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  5. myownkatz says:


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  6. vraxx says:

    I think a lot of ‘expert’ posts or medical journal posts sort of oversimplify and flatten the issue. The kicker for me is my background is neuroscience. So objectively I look at what’s going on with my mental health and the rational side of me is like “well this could be an issue addressed with SSRI’s or a dietary deficiency” The depressed side of me however just shuts down completely. I agree entirely with the long road metaphor and I think it’s that first step to trying to figure out which treatment courses work for the individual that’s always the scariest.

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    • I agree, that for some people it is a great first step, but they never put it at that, its always ooooohhh look they are cured, which is what is driving me nuts.

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      • vraxx says:

        Definitely, I always cock an eyebrow any time I see an ‘expert’ post claiming the word ‘cure’. It’s an ongoing non-linear thing. You can make progress, you can relapse and backslide. Considerably more multidimensional than some posts make it out to be.


  7. manyofus1980 says:

    I agree with you trina. talk about simplifying things. I don’t think it is right that tv shows are allowed to do that. xxx

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  8. Stephen says:

    CBT is simple to learn and cheap to deliver. It has a fairly aggressive campaign promoting it and because it’s simple to understand it has universal appeal. I’ve met a few people who have been helped by it. I’ve met a lot more who haven’t.

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