Another Lovely Day

Today has been a really lovely day, its been hot but not too hot, so I could take the dog out for his walks.

I got everything done cleaning wise and myself and monkey started sorting out the little bit of lego, he has left to do, otherwise it is all up in his room and no longer in my lounge.

This is win win as long as it stays up there. I am going to get a folder for him, with some plastic sleeves and get him to keep all his lego instructions, I am going to make a profit on these damn things if he ever stops being interested in them.


Of course this could backfire on me, if his lego keeps growing and growing.

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2 Responses to Another Lovely Day

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    glad you had a lovely day. lol about the lego and folder of plastic sleeves for the instructions! xxx

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