The text

If I have never mentioned it, I have a mobile phone, but I rarely use it, to be honest I forget to charge it, I use to be attached to my phone, but the relationship has cooled as I got older.

I think its drives my family potty that I don’t use it that often, but I think that is part of my problem, why do I want to be contactable 24/7 I am trying to limit my computer time round monkey. I am trying to use facebook less and post alot less on there.

Today I remembered to look at it, I found that parents at monkey’s school contact me using it, to arrange playdates and things. I have 10 text messages, 9 of them marketing text and one from the family support worker.

I had wondered where she had gotten to, she wants to come round Thursday with the social worker, now this could actually be a good thing (always looking on the bright side of life) I might be able to use them, to help me with housing.

I have at the moment 3 main goals

  1. Keep my family together, if the council decide they don’t want to house us for whatever reason, then social services will get involved to make sure Monkey is housed, but that won’t qualify to the adults
  2. Keep the dog with me, this is going to be a lot tougher and I am still unsure how to work it, but there has to be a way
  3. Keep the cats with me. While they are as important to me as Max, I might be able to put them into temporary foster, yes this will be stressful, but at least with them we have a possibility, with Max and his aggression towards other dogs, I am not sure we would find him a temporary home,

So hopefully this may allow us to have a few more options that I haven’t considered.

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8 Responses to The text

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    hoping it is a good apt on Thursday keeping everything crossed for you that it all works out and you can keep max and if needs be put the cats in to foster care temporarily. xo

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  2. ruthsoaper says:

    I hate that people just assume that everyone uses text messaging nowadays. Many years ago I had texting blocked from my phone because I didn’t want to pay extra for it. Over the years I had a few people say “didn’t you get my text message?” I can’t imagine how many others I may have missed. HELLO, if you want to talk to me CALL ME! When I got my new phone they unblocked the texting because it is free – unlimited included in my plan. I just haven’t told anybody because I still want people to call.
    Also thought I would mention – I said a prayer today that things work out for you.

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