No motivation

Along with the crying, yesterday, I also had to deal with no motivation, I couldn’t be arsed to do anything. I really struggled to push myself through it and I am not sure whether I made it all the way.

I will keep trying but everything I think of doing, my brain just goes nop, can’t be arsed.

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31 Responses to No motivation

  1. Lady Lazarus says:

    You got this!

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    ug yeah feel same way, sigh, it feels awful! xxx

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  3. LeeSoyer says:

    By keeping trying, you are learning to thrive!

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  4. Aryaman says:

    Excellent one indeed!
    Would love , if you could read my motivational (Fitness) article :

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  5. Dave Gardner says:

    Keep pushing. Don’t quit. Just keep doing what you know you need to and sooner or later it will come. You’ll hit your stride.

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  6. The African Gyal says:

    is it terrible that I can relate with this?

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  7. Angel Jay says:

    I feel this way today! No motivation to do anything at all. My anxiety is on ten and my heart is racing for no reason at all. its a colder summer day and the sun isn’t shining. i normally grab some type of energy from the bright sun. But guess what we got this no matter what the problem!

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  8. Ms. Ena says:

    I understand those days. It is good to have others motivate you on days like this!

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  9. itsmemuavia says:

    You mentioned you will keep trying.. You have that needed motivation already.. Some don’t even feel like that.
    Keep trying 👍

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  10. Great read. Keeps me motivated!

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  11. herthoughts says:

    Just keep writing ❤❤❤❤ check out my page please

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  12. I think you need to apply the “10 minutes rule” that I have been following since very long now. It has worked for me atleast. It’s all about starting a thing…..once you’re into it….there are more chances that you’ll continue it.
    Hope it helps

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  13. Also, do check my blog for daily motivation.

    Good luck for all your future endeavours.👍

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  14. The Nomad says:

    Same here… felt the same way as you did. Somehow i was lucky enough to find a solution. Join me at my blog? Maybe perhaps it may be the answer that you are looking for. @

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