The British Royal Wedding Weekend Share #33

I will admit, I do enjoy linking the weekend share to something good that is going on in the world. Sometimes we all need a bit of happiness and this weekend, Prince Harry, 5th in line for the throne is getting married, I have ignored the majority of the press about it, because I can probably guess what is being said and no one, especially those that are getting married should have to deal with that. So instead, lets just celebrate that people are getting married and celebrate love.

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If you have never done this before, give it a go, you lose maybe 30 seconds of your life adding a link and you never know who might see it, I will, my mum probably will, so its well worth it.

As everything is life there are rules, if you are new or just need reminding here they are

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80 Responses to The British Royal Wedding Weekend Share #33

  1. Revenge of Eve says:❤you-wanna-see-this-❤/

    I could no longer take it and had to get more personal. What to know what I am talking about, check out my link. 🙂. Thursdays Affirmation will publish soon. I hope everyone is ready for the weekend.

    If you haven’t already checked out my contest you can do so by clicking the above link. Its an easy fun way to win some writing supplies. Contest opens at midnight tonight! Get your submissions in, Friday only.

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  2. Candice says:

    My current post is about Queen Elizabeth II. I thought it was an appropriate one since in Canada it’s Victoria Day weekend, and of course because all eyes are on the royal couple’s wedding.

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  3. Simon says:

    Let me find a link… 😀

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  4. Revenge of Eve says:

    Reblogged this on Revenge of Eve and commented:
    Are you new to WordPress? Are you looking for where all the cool kids hang out? Well, you can find all of us here at Trina’s Weekend Share!!! See and be seen. Share your site with others and find a few to follow. Blogging is all about support.

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  5. Hey all!! (I think this is how it works) I am new here so I’m just gonna tag my own blog!

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  6. rugby843 says:

    Hi! Hope I’m not too late this week to share this blog:

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  7. sallychoudhary says:

    This is a tribute to my great grandmother and my very first blog

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  8. Aspie girl says:

    The things that are important to me when I choose clothes, and it’s not just the sight.

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  9. Hi Trina! 🙂
    Thanks for another opportunity to share this weekend. 🙂
    My blog link:
    For those of you who don’t know, I have a series on my blog called song of the day, where every day I share with you a song that I like for some reason, it is often so called “niche” music, at least people in my surroundings say so, and very often in some rarely heard languages. Here’s the link to my today’s song of the day post.
    Here’s some update on me, and particularly my finals:
    And, because my finals are over, I have more time, and that means, Misha (my Russian blue cat) is back, please give him a warm re-welcome, this egotistical creature is scared that he’s been totally forgotten due to his long absence.

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  11. Reblogged this on My Inner MishMash and commented:
    Want to get some more exposure for your blog, or follow some more blogs? Join Trina’s Weekend Share. It’s great. 🙂

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  12. Andrew Green says:

    Hi greetings from Royal Windsor. We’ll be there on the streets tomorrow. You might like my poem for the wedding and other bits I’ve done. The odd picture too

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  13. missschade says:

    I would love to leave this here:
    I wrote about finding Mr Darcy – not royal, Who if not Darcy would qualify – and trying to not let the past ruin your chance for future.
    It’s German, and I’ll change language for the next share. Promise!

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  14. Chris Hack says:

    My blog is called “Headsqueeze” and that’s kind of because when my mental illness gets particularly bad my head feels like its being squeezed so tight that it might just burst.

    I blog about how my illness affects me on a personal level but also about mental health in general. I hope that by writing about my experience it helps somebody out and raises awareness.

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  15. Cyranny says:

    Hello Trina & everyone 🙂

    I have been quite quiet this week… For several reasons. It’s been very busy, in the offline world, and the time left on my hands was very little. I’m not too proud of my blogging week (This sharing post has become a way to evaluate my past week, and I want to thank you for that, Trina! xx)

    Here are a couple of links, if you want to catch up on what’s happened in The Cove the past 7 days…

    A little reflection to myself:
    A much needed cyber group hug, for a special friend!
    My take at last week’s 1 minute challenge, for Nortina
    A little shout out at the awesome bloggers who help me grow into being a better person

    I hope you’ll all enjoy a nice weekend!!

    Cheers to Trina, our Fabulous host!! Muuuuuuuuahhh!

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  17. lynn k scott says:

    I’ll be working my second job tomorrow, but I’m happy for Prince Harry. He is very down-to-Earth and I’ve always liked him. They were reshowing his parents’ wedding the other night on TV. I remember wanting that kind of wedding. LOL

    Here are couple of my recent links…Thanks for the sharing opportunity!

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  18. Lose is Lyss says:

    Hi everyone!
    *drops link and a plate of cookies*
    This is where I write about my weight loss & healthy lifestyle journey, plus share recipes & tips along the way. Hope you all have an amazing weekend 🙂

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  20. oldpoet56 says:

    I do like your sense of humor Ma’am so I am going to reblog this article for you. Even though I have had a blog ( since September of 2012 I admit that I know almost nothing about computers. I know that I would like to publish a book of poems that I have written through the past six years but don’t really have a clue on how to do anything. I have been disabled since June of 2013 and I don’t get out of the house except for Doctor appointments but I do spend most of my waking hours here at this lap top but this does not tend to make we computer wise. I do enjoy reading other peoples post from around the world, it helps keep my mind active even though I don’t get out of the house any more.

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