This is not the place I wanted to be in

It finally happened, I knew it would one way or the other, it just didn’t go the way I wanted.

I am back on my lovely sarcasm  downslide again. I am really struggling to think of anything good.

I am so behind with things, because I don’t have the motivation anymore. I am so tired of fighting my own brain.

I hate waking up and never knowing what is going on. I hate having no money to do anything. I hate being an adult, I am really not ready for it.

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10 Responses to This is not the place I wanted to be in

  1. Cyranny says:

    :/ life’s a biatch, sometimes… Hang on, Fab you! (I know…not helping. But I am here….)

    *hugs* xx

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  2. missschade says:

    Sometimes it’s really hard to read how you feel and not being able to do anything for you. So I can just tell you that you that I’m thinking of you and hope things will become better. Ah, and I can leave a silly heart ♥️

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  3. LeeSoyer says:

    OK, this can work as a list of the things you hate.
    Now try to make a list of the things you love.
    And another list of the things that you’re grateful for.

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  4. manyofus1980 says:

    I’m thinking of ya hun you have my support I’m here I’m listening shoot me an email if ya want. xoxo

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