A visitor

The social worker popped round today, to get my signature, they have referred me to the Early Help Team.

Once again, not a clue what these people do, but apparently they can help out with housing. This along with the lovely letters to both my MP and my councillor might help me.

I have had a look online and to be honest it hasn’t helped me with what exactly these people do, but I am not one to look a gifthorse in the mouth.

I have started looking outside the area for houses, my partner’s family are all in Derby, its about 150 miles away from where we are now, its not brilliant, but I am finding houses, that are bigger for half the price we pay now.

Main problems are that is it a 2-3 hours drive each way and my partner would have to find a new job.

I am going to keep looking, going down from Derby to us, and see what I can come up with. Ideally my partner doesn’t want to move from this area, he doesn’t want to leave his job or his eldest and I completely see his point, so its all very dependant on what this team can do


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  1. Colette B says:

    House hunting’s no fun when you’re stuck with renting from private landlords is it! One thing to be aware of in the Midlands (and further North – maybe it’s a problem all over) is that although there might appear to be plenty of affordable private rented housing you often have to be on a UK local authority housing list to able to rent those. If your council refuse to accept you onto the housing list then you might have no access to those homes in other areas that are rented at an affordable level. They don’t necessarily tell you this in the lettings agents adverts and you only find out when you enquire.I wasted so much time, energy and money looking for somewhere else here in Nottingham getting nowhere fast that I gave up. There’s tons of former council houses here sitting empty while advertised as student accommodation that students apparently don’t want or need. Since changes in housing laws the councils have so many ways of keeping people in need off the housing list it’s unreal. Good to hear you’re getting some support and hope they can help you.

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    • I was vaguly aware of it, which is why I am glad of these people, Social housing is not something I am in any way an expert on. I know there are rules, some more rules and then a lot more rules. Also as I have been finding out, some landlords won’t take into account benefits, so it limits us, unless they state they will take it. While I am fairly certain I am not going to get into social housing, what I am hoping, is a loan of some sort which will pay for the deposit and the first month rent, then they will take it off on your housing benefit. I think that is the best I can hope for, because its more likely I am going to win the lottery than get a 2 bed council house that allows pets within 5 miles of where I live now


      • Colette B says:

        The UK’s housing crisis is horrendous. I was really sad to read you were given notice by your current landlord. It’s so stressful having to ignore notice to quit and wait for proceedings to be issued – otherwise you’re considered to have made yourself voluntarily homeless. Although I think once you’re within the last 28 days of the notice period then you count as legally homeless or something like that. Local organisations sometimes exist that help link people in situations like yours with private landlords willing to accept tenants on benefits. Here in Nottingham even the council are more likely to provide social housing only to applicants who are employed and force people on benefits into the private renting sector where the government happily pay housing benefit to landlords renting legally uninhabitable homes. Crazy times. Fingers and toes crossed for you and your family.

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      • I am hoping its not going to get to the point of having to ignore the notice, there is no way we can go through that, so I have a hope that these people are going to be able to help, I am also going to be giving Shelter a ring, along with a couple of mental health charities and just see what if anything can be done, that way. I may also send a few letters to various different MPs other than my own, such as the Labour Leader, the Lib Dem leader, the minister for work and pensions, the chancellor of the exchequer, because I don’t think they can close their eyes anymore to the crisis that is going on with not only housing, but the benefit budget cuts, to be kept in limbo over a benefit for a year is unacceptable

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    hopefully the team can help! its good they refered you to them. xo

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