Its not paranoia if its true

I love a good conspiracy theory, I also love different people’s opinions no matter how bonkers I might think it is. Flat Earthers is one, I enjoy looking at. Finland not being real. Also if you are in Australia, you might want to know you are actors being paid to say you are there and actually Australia doesn’t exist.

However there are occasions when these theories, not only sound barmy but turn out to be right.

Lets take the DWP (department for work and pensions) they are in charge of benefits, its already be well documented that they will do almost anything to get out of paying benefits.

Its also well known that they use people’s social media for evidence, they stake out people’s homes and take photographs to prove that people are defrauding the system. Now its been mentioned that they are taking video footage from supermarkets, shops centres to prove their point.  I have always said they will probably use something like this for disproving people have mental health problems.

I completely understand, someone saying they can’t walk and have to use a wheelchair and them getting out photos of them running a marathon, but trying to say someone doesn’t have a mental health problem because they are in a supermarket is, well fucking stupid.

Take myself, there are days when the only reason I go out, is to walk the dog, and pick monkey up from school. The other day I went to the shops, I was bloody proud of myself, The shop itself is a 7 minute walk, I picked a time I knew it would be quiet. However I am sure video footage will show me strolling into a store, getting what I needed and then leaving, so how can I be suffering from anxiety when I did that?

It doesn’t matter that it took me an hour of arguing with myself to get me to do it, or the fact that I spent a good few hours afterwards recovering. They won’t see that, unless they have secret camera in my house (I am not discounting that theory)

The thing is, by using this type of thing to beat people over the head with, is not going to catch any one fradulant claiming. What it is going to do is to make sure those with problems that flair up, both physically and mentally don’t do things such as go to the shops for a loaf of bread, it is going to make the metal health of everyone a lot worse.

Just because I managed to go to the shops by myself once yesterday, doesn’t mean I am going to be able to go the shops by myself tomorrow. Its reinforcing mental health stigma, because I have depression, doesn’t mean I can’t laugh, is that what is going to come next?

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22 Responses to Its not paranoia if its true

  1. ashleyleia says:

    There was a Canadian woman this past winter who was off work on long-term disability for depression. Her doctor had recommended a sunshine vacation to help manage her illness. Her insurance company later saw pictures of her in Mexico on Facebook and cut off her disability. Hello stigma.

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  2. Michael says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety. Obviously, the people in the DWP don’t suffer from depression or anxiety and therefore are not sympathetic. Living is hard when you have to feel you need to look over your shoulder all the time. I would imagine you would have a medical professional looking after you and advising the DWP of your condition?
    Anyway, take care of you, you provide a valuable service to us all.

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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    that’s ridiculous! sorry they are doing that it totally fucking sucks! we are normal, we just happen to have a mental health difficulty. I hope for their sake they never have one in their lives. xo


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