Sleep, I don’t need sleep

Said my body last night, by 5am I completely gave it up and wondered downstairs, by the time it hit about 7am, monkey came down the stairs and I was feeling tired, there was no point going to bed at this point.

By the time we left for school, I was exhausted, I came home and thought what should I do, went upstairs and woke up at gone 2, I managed to get about 4 hours sleep in total, and am now going back to being exhausted.

I lost count at how many coffees I have had, I am hoping that if I stay awake till about 9, then I should get a decent amount of sleep tonight.

Although knowing my luck it will hit 8.45 and I will be wide awake

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9 Responses to Sleep, I don’t need sleep

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    ug. sigh that’s not good. hope you’ll sleep tonight. I didn’t sleep much last night either. 3 am when I finally lay down. woke up at 7 but went back to bed as I had a headache, didn’t get up till 12:45 PM.

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  2. Saloni says:

    Sleeplessness is starting to be such a big problem.

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  3. joyroses13 says:

    Not being able to sleep is tough! My body is starting to play that trick on me and I don’t like it! I hope you can sleep very well tonight!!

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