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This is so lovely and true.

Cyranny's Cove

Dear Lovelies,

This will be short and sweet (ok, I doubt that – LOL), but I feel it is an important message I need to send out. It is, because it comes from a feeling I’ve had several times, lately. And waking up this morning, I had two specific proofs that this sensible matter was still au goût du jour.

If you are new to the blogging game, you might think that The Internets are a vast playground, and it is true, in a way. There are tons of blogs out there, far more than you’ll ever be able to follow. Some are just starting up, some are established and running well, and some are dying.

As I built my place in this virtual community, I discovered how such a small world it really is. If you pay close attention to who “likes” who and to the comments left…

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