*Reblog* Stupid things people say to someone with insomnia

Love, love, love this, while it is true, it did make me laugh as well.

Around the Ward in 80 days


Today I thought I’d make a little list because I am too lazy to write a proper post thought that I’m probably tapping into a deep well. Insomnia is one of the hardest things for people to understand if they’ve never experienced it themselves and the stupidities I’ve heard would make a book on their own right.

So here are some of the best, feel free to add your own.

  • “Why don’t you just sleep?” Jesus Christ, haven’t thought of that! You absolute genius, you cracked it!
  • “How can you not sleep? I’ve never had trouble sleeping. I just close my eyes and that’s that.” Thx 4 tht m8, nice 2 know. 
  • “Sleep is something you should be able to do naturally.” Really?
  • “Why do you have to take sleeping pills?” You know, just fancied it. 
  • “How did you sleep last night? I slept wonderfully. I feel so recharged!” Excuse…

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10 Responses to *Reblog* Stupid things people say to someone with insomnia

  1. lynn k scott says:

    Having experienced various bouts of insomnia, I find it challenging to not ram the “insightful” person’s head into a wall when they spout their comments.

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  2. It’s ok to be bitter with idiots!


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  3. This made me laugh! So very true. Only people that truly don’t sleep know how frustrating the “easy sleepers” can be!

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