For the last few days I have had a headache, although I am not sure if that is the right term for it, its more a dull pain in the head, I am not sure if its due to lack of sleep or maybe a tension headache, but it is starting to annoy me now.

I am not a big fan of pills, even pain killers, so if you have any natural cures, other than stop being stressed, that would be lovely

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22 Responses to Headache?

  1. Cyranny says:

    I suffer from chronic headache… I can give you a good alternative to the usual pharmacy pills… but nothing “natural” worked for me… sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  2. scarlettcat says:

    Maybe you should see a doctor or call a medical hotline (we have those where I am). You could get advice from a professional.

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  3. For me, a strong black tea always helps, but that might not work if you have a very big headache.

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  4. ashleyleia says:

    I find peppermint essential oil rubbed on the temples can help.

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  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Sorry you have a headache, and hope it’s eased up some by now. I used to get them all the time. Have you tried accupressure? That seemed to help me a lot. Google accupressure for headaches and you can find out how and where to apply the pressure. )

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  6. Do you have any allergies? And what part of the world do you live in? So I can check what products are a good fit for you.

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