I have in previous days talked a lot about politics, especially how they affect me, I will still continue to do this, what I won’t do is try and give my opinion on other countries politics as if I know what I am talking about.

I might say for example that Trump is an orange faced, mysonistic, racist arsehole. But I would be purely basing that on what I read in the newspapers, I can’t say anything about his policies or how they are good or bad, because they are never going to effect me directly. I might have an opinion on gun laws and knife crime, but I can only go by what has worked in the UK, for all I know our gun laws would never work in the US.

I pick on the USA’s leader because out of all the leaders, he is the one that gets the most press here, of course I have opinions on things going on in the world, and will maybe talk about them, but its an opinion based on the newspapers, which lets face it are never unbiased no matter how much they try and say they are. The best people to talk about it are the people living with it.

Which brings me onto the UK or more specifically England, we don’t have an upskirting law. Upskirting is when someone takes a photo of a woman up her dress. Scotland, got in early and has a specific law for this, England don’t, it was due to go through on Friday, but an MP, just the one MP objected to it, for reasons I still don’t understand. What he said were words I understood, but together they made no sense.

I really do need to get into politics again and try and make sense of it all, because all I ever see is ways MPs try and screw people over and over again and I am sure that they didn’t get into politics to hurt the everyday hard working people, but that is all I see.

So my basic opinion of people in politics is that they are all shit

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  1. manyofus1980 says:

    this is what I think of politicians too, all shit. xxx

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  2. The African Gyal says:

    Lmao. I like how you ended saying all politics are shit.

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    • It is, in the UK we have been under the Conservatives (more right wing) for 3 years, before that we have a coalition of center and right wing. for 5 years. Then 10 years of Labour governement (left wing) and all I have seen is poor people get poorer. Not one governement has actually improved life for any working people

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  3. That last sentence is exactly right.

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  4. ashleyleia says:

    Sounds about right.

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  6. deepngreen says:

    I don’t think your view is uncommon or surprising but your cynicism is wasted energy. There are 650 MPs in the Westminster parliament and it only took one pompous dinosaur Tory to derail the upskirting bill. This is a problem with the system not the people trapped in it. The parliamentary system is well past its best-before date and needs a radical overhaul. Mhairi Black MP makes this clear in a YouTube video. https://youtu.be/eDuiIv4NJgg So we have broken system with some self-serving idiots making it worse. The same is true in Local Government where thousands of local councillors work long hours for their communities but only ever get national media attention when things go wrong or when a very, very small number get caught with their fingers in the till. Disillusionment, disengagement and cynicism is worth more to the relatively few politicians who are corrupt, complacent and/or greedy than all the leaflets they’ve ever printed.

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    • While it only took the one this time, there has been many more MPs who have done the same sort of thing, there are very few good MPs. I say this as someone who hates their local MP for their policies in parliament but will say they are a very good local MP,

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      • deepngreen says:

        Ah yes, I’m in the same situation. My local MP is a Tory who is well-regarded as a ‘good constituency MP’ because he turns up to lots of village fetes and public meetings. His ‘finest hour’ was leading an angry mob, sorry, chairing a public meeting, of 1,000+ residents concerned about gipsy/traveller proposals put forward by the local Tory Council. He has also been in lots of photos ‘supporting’ local campaigns against cuts to local library services imposed by the Tory County Council as a result of austerity measures that he has voted for with unwavering loyalty to his Party. The neighbouring Tory MP is often protesting about reduced services at Grantham Hospital, again resulting from his own Government’s policies.


  7. Old Guy says:

    I can understand that. Look who elected them.

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  8. It’s so easy to slip into cynicism whilst watching UK politics take its [awful] course. Although politics is so unfair and the system means often the representation of the people is never first, or injustices occur, I always think the most productive way forward is to see above the blanket opinion that all politicians are terrible and the system isn’t doing what we need it to. We must hold them to account, we must be engaged and never write politics off. We must give the MPs in parliament who are working hard for change the credit they deserve, and broaden the view of politics beyond parliament.

    Thought provoking post!

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    • I have tried giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe its because I am slap bang in the middle of a Tory hotspot, which is never going to change. I will say I dislike my MP I think he has destroyed so many things, like the education system. However doing things for his local constituents he has bent over backwards for me


  9. I completely agree, in a school in Wales a girl was a victim of up-skirting and the head master told her, ‘boys will be boys’. It is infuriating.

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  10. You will never understand politics if you are not part of the game 🙂

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  11. isha077 says:

    Hi! Would love for you to check out my first post and let me know what you think 😊😊

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  12. Yes, so many agree with you. The wealthy are intertwined with the corporation and the government (POWER), globally.


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  13. Politicians are called crooks for a reason. The middle class have the numbers and the power to vote in change if they stop electing rich, I believe.

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