I really dislike Fridays

Today is paperwork day, normally its fairly easy, however I had a large number of phonecalls to make.


Which meant I had to be on hold. I just feel that the hold music can be so much better and maybe change it on occassion cause after about 10 minutes of listening to shitty hold music, I would happily welcome being committed

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9 Responses to I really dislike Fridays

  1. Worst music in the world… They’re trying to break you! Stay strong! Lol x

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  2. Stay strong.. hope you have a better and nice weekend.

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  3. I rather have complete silence but the music lets you know that you are still on hold and they haven’t hung up on you. The worst is when you hear, “thank you for holding, there are thirty more people in front of you, a customer service representative will be with you as soon as possible…”

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  4. Carol Anne says:

    nothings worse than that damn hold music! ha! 😀

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