*Reblog* Between bloggers – How to have a successful hiatus

Have you taken a break recently?

Cyranny's Cove

First of July. This morning I told myself…

Dang it!

Yes, dang it, with the “taking a break from blogging”. First and foremost because, let’s be honest, it wasn’t a real break from the Bloggosphere. During my pause, I still worked on a daily basis on our now one month old Word of the Day Challenge. (please do visit, if you liked WordPress’ Daily Post!)

I did stop writing, though. At first, I thought I would write somewhere else during my hiatus, write a journal, or fill napkins with handwriten useless poetry. But I didn’t. At first it was painfull. Almost physically. I would sit on my couch at night, and think about how I would normally have been writing this or that, or replying to comments, while Chéri watched his favorite shows. I became irritated, and pensive, and the blues hit me a couple of times. And I remembered how much more difficult…

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