A meeting with the council

Last week I had a meeting with the council, I had to go to the council office.

The support worker picked me up and took me there, it was lovely and quiet when we go there, but my anxiety was high, it started getting busier and busier to the point I couldn’t cope with it.

I did manage to get through the meeting but it was tough and for once my fight or flight didn’t come into it, I was rooted to the spot, I did read somewhere that fight or flight is wrong, there are 3 fight, flight or freeze. Its the first time this has happened, I think.

The basic of it was, you are not getting a social housing house, live with it.

I think this is probably why my anxiety is so high at the moment, everything is reliant on my PIP tribunal, if I get that, I might have a chance of social housing.

I hate living like this, but considering I have spent today hiding in my bed, I am really not sure how I can work.

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2 Responses to A meeting with the council

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    hugs! that’s awful! that they wont give you a social housing house! and its true, there is fight, flight and freeze! xx

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