Maybe I should just get a camper van

In the stress of trying to find somewhere else to live, I have been looking at other options. The council have to house me and monkey, but not my partner or my dog or my cats.

They will house my partner because he is with me, but this basically means as of the 1st September we might be living in a B&B, which lets face it with not being able to deal with people in general I don’t think that is going to be possible.

I started to look at other things we can live in. Monkey wants a camper van, there has been no thought as to where we can put it, but its an idea.

Having said that monkey also wants a house with balconies, I want to live in his world, however with all his thoughts, it does mean we have done a good thought of keeping any stress away from him.

He is looking forward to moving

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